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This article introduces the practices for generating and sustaining high performance for yourself, your teams, and your organization. This roadmap (aka model) is most useful when you, yourself, and your team, take a trip with it to discover and embody the lessons that only the experience can teach. Though stimulating, an intellectual grasp of the model will make little to no difference. This is NOT an invitation to learn, it’s an invitation to practice. So, walk with me as I share my most recent trip via this roadmap.

Stage 1: I Can’t

January 30, 2021, day 15 of 42 of the six-week Whole Life…

How to cause high-performing teams and companies

High Productivity Is the Enemy of High Performance

For centuries, the business world has been operating inside of a model where high productivity is synonymous to high performance. Author Jim Collins starts chapter 1 of his book, Good to Great, with: “Good Is the Enemy of Great.” So, let us begin this exploration with my own assertion that: “high productivity is the enemy of high performance.”

This article is intended to assist leaders in their quest to create and sustain high-performing teams and companies. Those who engage in the exploration will:

  • Make the fundamental distinction between high productivity and high performance.
  • Get present to the impact of operating…

In my 25+ years as a Leadership Coach, time and time again, being coachable proves to be a reliable access to high performance. For me, being coachable is the foundational practice for Being the Leader You Most Respect. Now, let us explore how to get the most out of any coaching relationship.

How do you know when you are NOT being coachable?

Image by Katrina Weston | pixabay.com

In the areas of your life that are most important to you, you know you are NOT being coachable when:

  • You have a position (i.e., an opinion, a point of view, etc.), and you are attached to it as the truth.
  • You use your position as a singular…

Invitation to practice Being The Leader You Most Respect

You don’t know me … yet. I am Saurel Quettan, the CEO of exeQfit, a firm whose sole purpose is transforming leaders from managers into propellers of growth and development. I want to share how I got to where I am today and how you too can discover your own anchors and create the life and the business you want.

I am from trash heaped upon heaps of trash, soft and spongy under my black rubber sandals. I never thought the pungent smell of methane was abnormal. Emaciated dogs and cats, sneaking around to get a whiff of what is…

Saurel Quettan

I am the Founder & CEO of exeQfit, Inc., an enterprise that exists to transform leaders from managers to propellers of growth and development.

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